Dog Depression: Is it possible?

It seems that depression is not only an issue to two legged creatures, I mean human of course! But rather, it is also a problem of four-legged man’s favorite best friend – dogs! Contrary to many may believe, like human, dogs do suffer from depression. Dog depression is as serious as human depression and the puppies are the ones most affected. Why? It is because during the period of 3 to 8 weeks of puppies, their mother is the first figure that is imprinted on their minds as it is the time for them to recognize their kind. During this stage of development, any error on their development can lead to serious problem in the preset and future, as well.


Dog depression, especially in puppies, should be paid much attention. You can easily determine if your puppies are having depression as they tend to be very calm. They immediately show lack of interest towards the outer world, don’t look you in the eyes, and run off from visual or physical contact. Adult dog depression, on the other hand, is noticeable by being completely insensitive to their surroundings, lethargic, has lost appetite, drinks less amount of water and even weight loss is expected.


But, what really causes dog depression? There can be several reasons why dogs get depressed. Depression can be due to grief, where in your dog experience significant loss of a companion or familiar figure. Sudden change of scenery, certain event on their lives such as accident, or chemical imbalance is other causes of dog depression. You will easily observe that your pet is under depression, because they prefer to stay still, don’t eat, and may moan constantly and if remained untreated, could cost them their lives – exactly how humans react to the condition.


As a responsible pet owner, there is something you can do about dog depression. First thing you should do is recognize the problem by considering the possible causes of the condition. And after you’ve established the source of the illness, you may need to bring your pet to the vet to get proper diagnose and medication, anti-depressants always work.


However, if your dog depression is related to the loss of another dog he or she is closed to, getting another dog will greatly help in overcoming the condition. But, if you are not considering of getting any, make sure you give full attention to your dog. If there’s one thing your pet misses, it’s the companionship. Therefore, you are to be able fill that space. But if the cause is disorientation to the changes of environment, your presence is essential in adjusting to the new place. Your attention means everything to your pets besides food and water, so make sure to provide them with plenty of it.